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Mark your Calendars, New Service Times staring Sunday, June 5, 2022.

The Leadership has decided to alter our Sunday morning schedule for two very important reasons:

  1.  A Biblical Reason - The Leadership at OBC beleives we need to include a time of unified, intentional, Kingdom-focused corporate prayer ini our worship services. God's Church is to be a house of prayer. While we are a local church that prays, we want to become a praying church. Therefore, we intend to set aside  5 to 10 minutes each week for the Body of Christ to pray with one heart.
  2. A Practical Reason - Our services tend to run about and hour and 10 minutes on average. Starting at 11am causes us to hit the "Noon Lunch Barrier," impacting, we believe, the freedom for people to respond to the Lord. Changing our times will allow us to end our services around 11:45am or earlier, avoiding that Barrier.