This ministry centers on developing and fostering a family ministry that focuses on the spiritual health of the family unit as a whole, with particular emphasis on families with teenagers. An important goal of such a ministry is to supplement and aid the parent’s own ministry to their children. To accomplish this task, OBC gears this ministry toward building relationships between and among the family unit (including parents, children, and youth), minister, volunteers and the local church.

In short, relational ministry is a key foundation to the philosophy and methodology of this ministry that is determined by the theological commitment to the Great Commission (discipleship), with the ultimate goal of families, youth and children growing in their relationship with Christ.

Ultimately, we at OBC desire to fulfill the Great Commission within the context of the youth ministry. In other words, we desire to see individuals come to a saving knowledge of Christ, growing in their relationship with Christ, and becoming disciple-makers themselves.

-Philip Beasley