Oakdale Baptist Church
Monday, December 18, 2017
KNOW Jesus, SERVE Jesus, and SHARE Jesus

Sunday Schedule
9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Morning Worship Service
5:30 p.m. TeamKid
6:00 p.m. Evening Worship Service

Wednesday Schedule
7:00 p.m. Children's Choir
7:00 p.m. Adult Bible Study & Prayer Time
8:05 p.m. Adult Choir Rehearsal


The Basics

What to expect

Preaching the Word

Acts 2.42 says: "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching." When you walked into the early church you were going to get a complete course of instruction in the word of God. There is one thing we promise you at Oakdale; when you come here you will hear the Word of God preached in a way that will touch the deepest needs of the human experience. Oakdale is going to be Bible-built and Bible-based, because then it will be Bible-blessed.

Praising the Lord

The Bible says in Acts 2.47 that the earliest church was “...praising God and having favor with all the people.” The worship services at Oakdale will be filled with people praising a God who is worthy of that praise!

Promoting the Fellowship

We are told in Acts 2.42 the early church "devoted themselves to the fellowship." Fellowship is relationship expressed through caring and sharing. One of the reasons why Christianity spread like wildfire in the early days of the church is because of the love that Christians manifested for one another. At Oakdale we are going to be a people that cares for each other and shares with each other.

Proclaiming the Gospel

We are told in Acts 2.41, “So those who accepted his message were baptized.” These people had heard the gospel. That is the one message that separates the church from every other organization and institution in the world. No one who is not a Christ-follower who comes to Oakdale, will ever leave Oakdale without knowing how to become a Christ-follower. On any given Sunday the gospel will be proclaimed, and people will have an opportunity to receive Christ and to respond to Christ.


Sunday Services

9:45am Sunday School Communities
  • Couples Bible Study, College and Career Bible Study (Singles), Women's Bible Study, Senior's Bible Study, Youth/Teen Bible Study, Children

11:00am Morning Worship Service
  • Nursery available
  • Step Out for K-3rd Grades (Children's Church)
6:00pm Evening Worship Service
  • Nursery available

Wednesday Services

7:00 pm Children's Choir /TeamKid
7:00 pm Adult Bible Study & Prayer Time
7:00 pm Student Bible Study

We are committed to:

  • A greater Knowledge of Jesus Christ through the experiences of:
    • 1. Worship
    • 2. Bible Study
    • 3. DiscipleLife
    • 4. Missions
  • Serving by:
    • 1. Doing the work of the ministry together with all our hearts
    • 2. Giving away our life in Christ to share it with others
    • 3. Ministry to Families in all their diversity of needs with loving service and compassion.
    • 4. Training and Encouraging people for Spiritual Leadership
  • Sharing Jesus daily through:
    • 1. Personal Testimony
    • 2. Ministry through Missions and Evangelism to all in our community, Rocky Mount, North America, and the world
    • 3. Empowering and enabling individuals, couples and families to discover the power of the Holy Spirit through an active faith in their life.